Air-Cell Retroshield
Retroshield ™ ( IP Australia Patent Pending No. 38983/ 01) features two opposing faces of high polish aluminium foil surfaces separated by a fire-retardant polyethylene cell structure. Retroshield ™ is a clean, safe, fibre-free insulation designed to replace conventional fibre based batt and building blanket insulation in commercial and residential buildings. Retroshield™ is installed into the walls, roofs, ceilings and floors as a vapour barrier and insulation blanket all in one.
Retroshield ™ is manufactured without the use of toxic or reactive adhesives. This distinctive feature means that Retroshield ™ is extremely durable over time, as there are no foreign properties to react and cause product degradation over its extended life.
Note: Retroshield ™ product does not have an anti-glare surface and may not be suitable for some external applications where installers may required antiglare protection.

Manufacturing Specification
Retroshield ™ in manufactured under ISO 9001-2000 Quality Standards to the following base specifications:
Foil Thicknes 6.5 microns
Foil Putty 99.45 %
Product Thickness 7m
Foil Emittance 0.03
Foil Reflectifity 97 %
Roll Size 1.35 mm x 22.25 m ( 30 m2)
Roll Diameter 44 cm
Roll Weight 11 kg
Bubble Diameter 2 cm
Acoustics 6db ( A) Noise Reduction
Pliability No Cracking
Fungi Growth Ability Nil
Shringkage d 0.5 %
Edge Tear Resistance Lateral 551 N
Product Thicknes Unafacted & Protects from Condensation
Product Testing
Duty Rating Extra Heavy Duty Rated
Max Span Distances 1.8 m Without product support mesh
Impact Resistance Passes AS 4040 : 4 Impact
Edge Tear 514 N M / Direction
Burst Strength 1600 N
Safety Information
Non Hazardous / Non Toxic
Non Fibrous / Non Itchy
Non Allergenic
Non Carcinogenic
Non Person Protective Equipment Required



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